Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY Bulletin Board

We are very lucky to have a designated space for a home office and I have been trying to decide how I want to decorate it. So far, it has a white Ikea expedit shelving unit as well as a big brown desk, filing cabinet, and office chair that we scored on Craigslist. We also recently hanged curtains up and it made it look a hundred times better.

I might have already mentioned that I am a die hard pinterest fan, I just love all the inspiration that I get there! It is so easy to just pin the image you love and come back later when you need to use it. However, I do not have a system to save the pictures that I find in magazines and brochures. I usually just fold the page to remind myself to come back later but 99.9% of the time I forget about them. This is why I decided to make a real life pinterest board (aka bulletin board :P)

I started out with a big frame that I got at my local Goodwill for $13 buckaroos. I gave it a coat of white spray paint and then I forgot about it…I literally did! It sat there for a couple of weeks waiting for me to do something with it.

I bought a roll of cork at craft store and my initial plan was to just stick it to the frame without disassembling it. That meant that I had to stick it directly to the glass. BUT I soon realized that all the push pins and tacks that I found were longer than the thickness of the cork sheet. Bummer, I didn't feel safe knowing that I could break the glass. Not that I have some weird super strength power or that I would pin stuff with a hammer but ya never know! Just saying :P

Sooo, my fix to that issue was to stick the cork sheet to a piece of cardboard and then stick it to the glass. That way it would be thick enough and the tacks wouldn't even touch the glass.

We cut a piece of cardboard, sprayed it with spray adhesive and tried to align it quickly before the mosquitoes would eat us alive (hubby and I were working outside). Well, those mosquitoes were fierceless and as a result, the cork sheet and cardboard were not aligned correctly (sad face). The adhesive was very strong so there was no way I could realign them without tearing the cork. But no worries, it was nothing that some ribbon couldn't fix!

I had a roll of pretty Greek key ribbon that I got at hobby lobby. I cut four pieces, one for each side of the rectangle. I glued it using hot glue and the gaps are not even noticeable now! The last step was to apply more spray adhesive, this time to the back of the cardboard. We worked very quickly to avoid said mosquitoes and got back inside where I stuck it to the glass.

The board now lives in our office and I love the idea of having a place for all those non-digital inspiration pictures and ideas that I run across once in a while.

I hope you like it as well!


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