About Me

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Marite, and you just found my happy place where I share what's going on in my house, my home decor progress, DIY attempts, successful recipes, along with some random bits here and there :)

If you have no idea of how to pronounce my name you can try saying Maria but instead of an "ah" at the end, try a "teh" (I pronounce it mah-ree-teh). I am mommy to one year old Zoe, wifey to an amazing guy named Hugo (aka hubby), and work full time in a corporate office. I like to bake, craft, and DIY, but what but what brings the absolute most joy to my life is making my family happy.

I'm thrilled that you wanted to find more about me and I hope that you can find ideas, tips, or recipes that you can try. If you have any question about a tutorial, recipe, or anything you can email me at crazyhappycasa@gmail.com. 



  1. Dear Mārīte, just put a transcript after your name, plus a link to the recording with your name properly pronounced :)

    1. That's a great idea! Every time I meet someone I get asked about it so it totally makes sense to include the pronunciation here :)