Monday, October 6, 2014

The Fall Keeps Coming: Fall Wreath Tutorial

As I mentioned in this post, I have been introducing the fall to my casa by doing to simple rearranging of items I already owned and bringing some new (inexpensive) items. 

Our front door was still lacking color though, and although I have other plans for Halloween decor, I still wanted to put up some fall decor without breaking the bank. Some of the houses in our neighborhood already put up beautiful decor and some of the wreaths caught my attention. I have never even attempted to make a wreath so this was the perfect time. I got a foam wreath base from the craft store (40% off with a coupon) and as usual, it sat there for a couple of weeks before I finally did something with it (I'm such a slacker). I had seen a tutorial for a coffee filter wreath a while ago but I wanted color and white coffee filters were definitely not going to cut it. The next best option was tissue paper, they sell it in a rainbow of colors so that was the perfect material. I used yellow, orange, and brown tissue paper.

It was pretty straight forward, I cut a bunch of rectangles of approximately 5x7 inches and bunched them up until I got a flower-like shape. Forgive me for the lack of pictures, I was working as fast as I could during nap time and completely forgot about it. 

Once I made all the little flowers I simply poked holes in the wreath base using a pen and put a drop of hot glue in it. Then I would push the paper flower's "stem" in it before the hot glue hardens and about 976 flowers later...voila! I had a wreath. Lol, I'm just kidding, it didn't take that many flowers, or even that long to do it. Luckily, my baby girl is a really good napper and gave me enough time to do most of it during one nap.

The finishing touch was a bow that I made using some leftover ribbon from the pumpkins shown in this post.

So there you go, a thrifty fall wreath using 99¢ tissue paper (each color but I only used about 1/3 of each one), a wreath base (40% off), leftover ribbon (free), and hot glue (free since I had it on hand). The fall has officially started at the Sanchez home! if we only could get slightly cooler temps!


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  1. That's really pretty and I love that my kids can probably help make it too.

    1. Thanks Erlene!! I bet they would love helping! It was very easy to make :)