Friday, October 31, 2014

Personalized Present Wrapping

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to pop up today to share with you a little something I did this week that I thought was super easy and can add a very nice touch to a wrapped present. 

This week my adorable niece turned 5, she is a sweet and very feminine little girl so when I was wrapping her present I wanted to do something special for her. I wrapped it with a floral wrapping paper that I had handy and then I started thinking what can I add to make it extra special for her? 

I looked around and when I saw my silhouette cameo the light bulb went off. I cut the letter L (her initial) out of purple card stock but when was going to put it on the present I realized that it got kind of lost with the flowers in the background. This is when another light bulb went off, as I mentioned, she is a girly girl and what can be more feminine than lace? I went to my kitchen and grabbed a small white doily to put behind the letter L. It was perfect. I used some double sided tape and voila! a beautiful-feminine-personalized present for my little niece was born :).

Her face lit up when she saw it, she proceeded to admire the wrapping and a few seconds later she tore it apart to find what was inside :D.

I loved her reaction when she saw the present and even though the pretty wrapping only lasted for a little while, it was all worth it. So there you go, a cute and inexpensive idea that you can use the next time to run out of present-wrapping ideas.


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