Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby Zoe's First Birthday

A year ago today, God gave us the best present we could have wished for. He gave us a healthy, beautiful, little baby girl. She has filled our hearts with the purest love and joy and I cannot describe what she makes me feel every time she smiles at me. Thank you Zoe Natalia for being the sweet and amazing baby you are. We love you with all our hearts!! Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

Although she will have a birthday party (and cake) this weekend plus another cake that we bought to sing happy birthday tonight, I decided to bake a small cake this morning for a DIY cake smash session. The session didn't cost more than $10 but I could not be happier with the photos I got. 

I used a plastic table cloth as a backdrop and a few streamers I made with colorful scrap paper that I had on hand. I got a box of white cake and baked it according to the instructions, filled it with strawberry jelly and covered it with two tubs of icing that I colored pink. I used a 1M Wilton tip to make the rosette piping, was very easy and turned out very pretty! I also got an inexpensive #1 candle for the cake. For the outfit, I knew that the clothes would be ruined afterward so I just dressed Zoe in a tutu and that was that. 

I snapped a few pictures of the cake before she got to it, then I just sat her in front of it and let her do her thing. The first thing she did was take the candle and throw it to the side. I love those first pictures and I would recommend you have your camera ready for them. She did not quite like the texture of the icing and got over the whole thing quite easily but as I mentioned, I got pretty good pictures for a less-than-$10 photo shoot.

I'm all about savoring all these wonderful moments and milestones so I highly recommend doing a cake smash session. If you have the budget to go to a pro, go for it!! You are very fortunate! But if you don't, then don't fear my friend you can get great photos if you plan a bit. Here are some of the photos I got :)



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