Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby Girl's Milestones

As I mentioned in my first post, the main purpose of Crazy Happy Casa is to be able to document what I do with the house or the projects that we have, and most importantly to have a place to "store" all the memories that we have as a family.

It seems like it was yesterday that I had a tiny baby in my arms and now she is crawling, standing, and amazing us every single day with everything that she does. I love my baby girl to pieces and I do not want to forget all the little things that make us smile every day. 

This is why I though I would start a series of monthly posts with Zoe's milestones so that I never forget them.

At 10 months:

She has 2 teeth (First one came at 9 months, second one at 10)
Stands by herself (since she was 9 months)
Pulls up with support (since she was 7 months)
Waves hello and goodbye (since she was 8 months)
Blows kisses (since she was 9 months)
Picks up the phone when we say "alo" (since she was 8 months)
Knows animals' sounds (cow, dog, horse) (since she was 9 months)
Imitates us when we sneeze or cough (since she was 9 months)
Loves to play with daddy (Where's daddy/Zoe?)

I never want to forget these little moments and I think this is the prefect place to document them (in addition to her baby bookS and gazillion of pictures I take all the time *ahem*).

Our sweet baby girl's birthday is quickly approaching and I am SO excited to put a bunch of personal touches to her birthday party. I've been a busy bee planning the details and I feel like I still have a whole lot to do. I will share the details with you as soon as we have the party.


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