Friday, November 7, 2014

Holiday Table Setting and a Napkin Folding Tutorial

Can you believe that we are less than three weeks away from turkey day?? Crazytown, I know. Seems like yesterday when I was getting a certain 3 month old ready for a thanksgiving dinner :P.

With Halloween behind us, I finally have time to think about thanksgiving decor (heck, I’m even ready for Christmas decor).

When I was in school, I had a part time job at a banquets hall. We used to set up rooms for parties ranging from small gathering to 300+ guests weddings and events. We would carefully fold each napkin, polish the silverware and set beautiful tables for these events.

Fast forward to now...we rarely (if ever) host any ‘fancy’ event at home so I never get to set up a fancy table; this is why I got  very excited just thinking about thanksgiving dinner. No, we won’t be hosting a 5 course dinner, but setting a pretty table sure makes it feel like it!

I stopped by HomeGoods the other day and picked up a few things that caught my eye (tablecloth, chargers, napkins, place mats, etc) and when I got home I started looking for things for the centerpiece. I borrowed the decor from the fall entryway decor and to be honest with you, I doubt it will come back to the entryway (hint: I have the x-mas itch already so it was the perfect excuse).

I arranged my fall decor in the middle of the table and put all the silverware in place. My table is not that big and with the decor taking a lot of space I ended up not putting the glasses in there. But now that I think about it, it works better that way since we have little ones in the family and glasses (as well as the candles I ended up not putting) are just one more thing to keep an eye on. Yes, it takes away a bit of the fanciness but I'd rather avoid a catastrophe (aka wine stains) than risking it in the name of a fancy table. 

I also folded the napkins in a fan shape, just like we did back at the banquets hall. 

It is super easy to make and it gives the table such a nice touch. Below are the instructions on how to fold them:

Start by folding the napkin in half, and then fold again starting on either narrow side (fold about 1-1.5 inch). 

Continue to fold once more to hide the edge.

Keep folding in an accordion shape until you have about 3 inches remaining. 

Fold the napkin in half again -being careful not to let the accordion unfold- and tuck the edge in one of the folds. 

Once the end is nicely tucked and secured you can let go and it will unfold in a beautiful fan shape and will stand on its own.

So there you go, an easy way to fancy your table setting up.

Now I'm all ready to eat turkey...and get a Christmas tree the next day :D


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