Monday, July 14, 2014

Pottery Barn Pillow Knockoff

A long time ago I was taking a look at some eye candy in the Pottery Barn catalog and I immediately fell in love with their PB Classic Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Pillow (the 20" one). 

I liked the colors, fabric and they were the prefect size. What I didn't like however was the price. At that time, the original price was $29.50; hubby and I were a one income family and on top of that, I was still in school. As you can imagine, we saved almost every penny in order to cover my hefty college tuition (we decided not to take a loan to pay for it).

Getting a few of those was out of the question L …whomp whomp. So my next best option was to make my own!

I decided to get the Ullkaktus cushions from Ikea. They are the same size as the PB ones (20”x20”); the price was unbeatable at $3.99 each. I also got some fabric that looks very similar to the PB one. At this point I cannot recall the name of it, but I found this one that looks very similar as well. The price was the same ($7.99 per yard). Playing around with the size and layout of the fabric, I was able to make 2 pillow covers per yard. It means that each pillow plus the cover came up to around $8. This was 73% less than the PB version!!  This pillow is now on sale at $24.99 so the discount would be 68%. This is equally as exciting (at least to me :P).

Now, I am not a seamstress wannabe by any means. In fact, I have very, VERY little sewing experience but I do know the basics –I think-. I looked at some tutorials online and got to work. I have a little and very inexpensive craft sewing machine that I used for this project. You can find instructions in tutorials like this one, and this one.

And here was my finished product. Not bad for one of my first sewing projects right? And for that price? I’ll take it anytime!! Super easy to make and they make me smile every time I look at them J



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