Monday, May 19, 2014

Ready, set, vamos!

Hello everyone!

My name is Marite. I am really excited to start writing and sharing with you all my ideas and experiences as I decorate my house, raise my baby girl and enjoy life with my wonderful hubby. A little bit of my background you ask? I am a twenty something year old, born and raised in Latin America, I moved to the US 7 years ago to go to school and be with my now husband. We built our first house two years ago and we I had high hopes of starting furnishing and decorating it right away. We quickly realized that it wasn’t going happen that fast; furniture and home decor can be expensive and we had just spent our savings buying our house. Not to mention that a little over a year of buying our house we found out that we were pregnant with baby Zoe. We were head over heels with the news but it also meant that the house beautification (that’s a word right?) took a back seat. Now that baby Zoe is 9 months old, we are excited to start where we left off and make our house a home. We like to DIY and we can’t wait to get to work and start building stuff and putting our own touch to the stuff we buy.

I want to thank you SO much for reading this and hope you have as much of a great time as I do in this Crazy Happy Casa :D.



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